Why Mobile Phone Explodes?

There may be more than one factor in the explosion of a mobile phone. One of these factors is the type of battery used in the phone. Most of the phones that have been introduced have a lithium ion battery. The most important reason is that lithium is a light element and can store large amounts of energy. Lithium-ion batteries have two different electrodes, just like any other standard battery. One is the cathode loaded with positive charge and the other is the anode charged with negative charge. During charging, the lithium ions move from the cathode pole to the anode pole. When the phone is used, the ions move in the opposite direction from the anode to the cathode. Between these two poles are electrolytes, an organic solvent and highly flammable. These chemicals enable ions to move faster. The important point here is that the anode and cathode should never come into contact with each other. Because when these electrodes touch each other, there is a short circuit. All the energy in the battery is transferred to the central electrolytes. As a result, a large amount of heat is released, causing the phone to ignite. To minimize this contact, battery manufacturers placed a separator between the anode and the cathode. However, security is becoming increasingly difficult given that today’s telephones are designed to be much thinner than before, which means that the electrode poles converge, and that users are demanding batteries that charge faster and last longer.

Trying to charge the phone with more energy in less time is another important factor that could cause the phone to explode. This also causes the battery to short-circuit. Experts in order to prevent this situation on the battery voltage of the charger must match the battery says. On the other hand, charging the phone at a very low temperature may also cause a short circuit.

The applications on the phones also increase the burden of the mobile phone and this has negative effects on the mobile phones. For these reasons, closing unnecessary applications which put a load on the mobile phones when not needed makes the mobile phone as light as possible, thus reducing the need for the battery. The risk of explosion may also be eliminated.

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