Where Is It Forbidden To Fly a Drone?

Drone flying is a very popular business in the world. Recently, Turkey’s increased interest in unmanned aerial vehicle to a great extent. Due to the increasing demand, it becomes difficult for these technological devices to take flight permits everywhere. Some authorities have imposed restrictions on drone flights, as the use of drones in safety-critical locations, for example, at airports, could lead to an increase in accidents.

Turkey’s General Directorate of Civil Aviation ‘are Instructions What?

Directorate General of Civil Aviation drone flights in Turkey ‘are being realized in accordance with the instructions. If the weight of the drone is more than 500 grams, the Civil Aviation system must be registered. Drone records vary according to the weight of the drone. Within the system;

  • 500 grams-4 kg
  • 4 kg – 25 kg
  • 25 kg-150 kg
  • 150 kg and above

The categories categorized above are included. Even if the drones are registered in the system, some areas need to be taken care of as flights are subject to authorization. For example, it is strictly forbidden to fly drones in airports and military areas, so drone should not be used without research. If these prohibitions are not followed, a penalty may be imposed. Drone owner is fined under the decision applied according to the regulation. However, some governors and municipalities can impose a flight ban within their authority.

Age Limit

The age of the drone owner is important for the drone flight. The age limit for drone owners between 500 gr and 4 kg is at least 12 years and the age limit for drone owners between 4 kg and 25 kg is 15 years. If the drone weighs more, it is necessary to obtain a private pilot license.

How to Get Drone Blow Permit?

The flight permit can be obtained from the local administrative superiors, from the district governorships or governorships to which the flight destination is located, as stipulated in the legislation in the Civil Aviation Law.

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