What is Clickbait?

Clickbait is one of the concepts we frequently come across in the recent media. This English word translated into Turkish as “bait or click trap bir is a news and presentation technique in which most of us complain the most. With the digitalization of journalism and the world of shopping, internet traffic has become a real indicator of success for companies and journalists. In this sense, the chances of any news or product to be successful have become dependent on its visibility in internet traffic. Here clickbait emerged as a product of this new era. To describe Clickbait briefly: It is the technique of producing special titles to attract the attention of the internet users on any subject by provoking their impulses to click on the content in question. Although Clickbait is frequently used for online news or e-sales, this manipulation and attention technique has long been used in the print media sector. This technique, which has been prominent since the 19th century, has entered our lives as one of the most frequently used presentation methods of the years.

How is Clickbait Technique Applied?

In this technique, başlık shortness, simplicity, simplicity ”are the most important elements when creating any title. Creating a sensation and arousing a magical curiosity while writing the title is the main goal. Clickbait is a marketing and internet traffic generation technique that is based primarily on manipulation. As an example:

Şok You will be shocked to hear this news ”

Şok Shocking words from a well-known artist ”

Tı He did something like that. ”

Ler Seeers could not believe their eyes ”

“You will be shocked to see the final version.”

Ler Those who do not know this will not be hired. ”

Lar Those who lived in the city lived. ”

Lar Those who do this get rich. ”

Asla You will never believe this news. ”

“This product will change your life.”

It is possible to extend the examples; because clickbait is so common that even the simplest internet vendors, advertisers and broadcast services use this technique. Although Clickbait is recognized and used in its negative aspects, it can actually be a successful and ethical technique when used moderately. For this, it is sufficient to ensure that the content is compatible with the title, not to disappoint readers or customers, and not to compromise honesty.

Another clickbait technique is the creation of a gallery, which is especially popular on news sites. News sites try to keep users on the site by adding a two-line news text to photos that are almost identical to the same event.

Advantages of Ckickbaitin

When Clickbait technique is used successfully and based on ethical parameters;

-Provides more pages to be displayed for the site, ie web traffic, thus increasing site recognition.

– Brand awareness increases.

-Advertisement revenues increase.

-For those collecting user statistics, this data is obtained faster and cheaper way.

– Influencing people’s perceptions and ideas faster

– Creating artificial agendas.

-Provides users an emotional escape promise.

Disadvantages of Clickbaitin

– When the clickbait technique is used in an exaggerated and uncontrolled way, the reputation of your site or product can quickly lose reputation.

– You can permanently lose members because users will lose confidence in your site. It may prevent your potential users from coming.

-Viral advertising of your products can spread in the opposite direction much faster than you want.

– Users may ignore other quality content on your site because of any exaggerated clickbait title you use on your site.

-You can become the target of smear campaigns.

– The clickbait headers you use cannot keep users in the site much, so your search engine algorithms can reduce your chances of getting to the top of the search. It is known that large platforms like Google and Facebook have developed serious algorithms against clickbaite and punished sites that use more clickbaits.

Quality Content Instead of Clickbait

Both research and data from major search engines show that clickbaittense quality content is much more useful and effective. However, it is also recommended not to overdo the ethical criteria for the use of clickbait.

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