How to Write a Script?

The script is a type of writing developed by cinema technology and is the latest example of fine arts. The basis of the scenario is nasıl How to tell a story in the best way? ”. If you have a good story, a good script is essential to tell it. Cinemas initially came from literature and then from theater. The concept of senaryo original script ”aims to write stories for cinema.

Cinema is the first film on paper. As a first step in the preparation of the film, first the script is written and then the studio works are performed. The resulting work is both art of speech, eye and action. Scenarios are the works that give the message to the audience quickly and get their response immediately.

Items in scenario creation:

People: The event that is the subject of the scenario is the head of a person or group. Persons are divided into first and second degree persons according to their interest. The role shares within the scenario change accordingly.

Event or subject: Any event that may happen to human beings can be the subject of any situation that people may encounter. The issue arises from the clash of the hero with himself or his surroundings. He develops by getting support from his emotions that have been turned into action and reaches the result. In the scenario, the event plan has three parts: Spread, node, solution.

Location: In the scenario, anywhere in the world can be used as a space.

  • Time: There are variations in the use of time in the scenario. Chronological time, time initiated from the node, time initiated from the result, one of the irregular time expressions may be preferred.
  • Players: Conversation is important in the scenario, and the performance there affects positively or negatively the success of the scenario. Actors and actresses are female actors. In both, the term player is generally used. Players wear makeup to match the personality they portray; they wear costumes appropriate to their roles.
  • Director: It is the one who controls the actors and ensures that the connection between events is not broken. A scenario is only successful with a good director.
  • Audience: The success of the script and the film is measured by the number of viewers. The more the movie gets at the box office, the more successful it is. The task of the audience is to go to the cinema on time; Sitting and behavior is not to disturb people around.

The scenario, the events presented by the author as a virtual section of life, actors, studios, directors and technical staff at the end of a very crowded team work, the scenario requires the location and environment conditions, the cinema screen as a screen or as a series is transferred.

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