How to Obtain Ukrainian Citizenship

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. With a surface area of ​​603,628 km², it is the largest country in Europe. It has land borders with Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest. There is also the Black Sea and the Azov Sea coast to the south.

Ukraine is a unitary state governed by a semi-presidential system in which the legislative, executive and judiciary are separated. Its capital and largest city is Kiev. Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has the second largest armed forces in Europe, after Russia’s, when the reserve and semi-military forces are taken into account.

  • Ethnic groups in Ukraine
  • 77.8% of Ukrainians
  • 17.3% Russians
  • 4.9% other
  • How to obtain the citizenship of Ukraine, which is both a confused and developing and progressive country of Europe?

In order to obtain national citizenship, it is very important to review a few details from language education to constitution, residence time and marriage. After the amendments, Ukraine could accept several thousand migrations in almost every point of the country and emphasized that it would give approval after the fulfillment of certain conditions. Once you have completed the required procedures, it will be easier to obtain citizenship.

There are two ways to become a Ukrainian citizen. One of these methods is citizenship through marriage and the other way is to obtain citizenship by establishing business and trading.

Getting Citizenship Through Marriage

If you have decided to get citizenship by marriage, you must first marry a Ukrainian. After marriage, you must enter Ukraine with a D-type visa. Following this input process, you should ask about your marriage documents from Turkey. After having the documents translated by a notarized translator, submit them to the Foreigners Department.

You will receive a residence permit for 1 year if the documents you have prepared and submitted are accepted. You will need one language certificate during the 1 year residence permit. If you perform 1 year successfully, you will need to spend the remaining 2 years successfully. So they’il call you for an interview. Questions about Laws and Laws, you need to answer questions about the history of Ukraine. If you answer them correctly and the committee deems appropriate, your citizenship application is accepted.

Getting Citizenship Through Trade

With the amendment made in 2018, Ukraine stated that it can give citizenship to businessmen who have the potential to invest. In this context, the country declaring that it can accept around 3 thousand immigrants will be able to give approval depending on the money in your bank account.

Having a small business is not enough to get Ukrainian citizenship. Instead, it was deemed appropriate to grant citizenship to businessmen who have 100 thousand dollars in bank account. The condition of obtaining citizenship is the validity of the firm established for this money for 5 years.

If you continue to exist for 5 years when you start a business of $ 100 thousand within the borders of Ukraine, there will be no obstacle to obtaining citizenship.

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