How to Get Dutch Citizenship

The Netherlands is one of the four countries that make up the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The vast majority of its territory is in Western Europe and has three islands in the Caribbean.

The Netherlands borders the North Sea in the north and west, Belgium in the south and Germany in the east. The city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is one of the largest ports in Europe.

The Netherlands is a European country ruled by the constitutional monarchy. The Netherlands is a country with a high population density. Most of the country’s land is below sea level. The Netherlands is a member of the European Union, NATO and OECD. The Netherlands is also part of the Schengen Region and the Benelux community. Together with Belgium and Luxembourg, it is one of the three countries that make up the Benelux countries. It has also signed the Kyoto Convention. The country is home to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and Europol.

The country is especially known for its cheeses, windmills, bikes, tulips, cows called Holstein and social benefits. In the Netherlands, same-sex marriage is legal.

  • Ethnic groups
  • 78.6% Dutch,
  • 5.9% EU citizens,
  • 2.4% Turks
  • 2.2% Indonesians,
  • 2.2% Moroccans,
  • 2.1% Surinamese,
  • 0.9% Dutch Caribbean,
  • 5.7% other

How to Get Dutch Citizenship

The Netherlands does not allow dual citizenship in Europe, except in some exceptional cases. Although Turkish citizenship can be maintained in the event of marriage with a Dutch citizen, Turkish citizenship must be waived when the Dutch citizenship is requested through the harmonization process. If you have lived and worked in the Netherlands for 5 years and still have a residence permit, you can apply for Dutch citizenship. However, we recommend that you keep your hands quickly, because it is being discussed to increase this period to 7 years.

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey 18 years according to the following criteria can apply for citizenship in the Netherlands.

Permanent residents of the Netherlands for at least 5 years. However, there may be exceptional circumstances. You can apply for Dutch citizenship if you have been married and have been living with a Dutch citizen for at least 3 years, or if you have extended or renewed your Dutch residence permit before the end of the period. Your Dutch residence permit must be in accordance with the procedure set for you and be valid during the procedure.

Who have an indefinite residence permit or a temporary residence permit before applying for Dutch citizenship

Those who are integrated into Dutch culture and who successfully pass the A2 language proficiency exam, that is, fully adapted to the Dutch language. If you have a diploma or proof of language proficiency, or a language certificate obtained from places designated by the Dutch authorities.

Those with clean criminal records. In this case, there should be no prison sentence. There should also be no criminal proceedings against the applicant.

T. C. Citizenship not expelled

If you are a child of Dutch parents or adopted by a Dutch parent, you will automatically become a Dutch citizen.

Can Marriage Become a Dutch Citizen?

Marriage is another option for individuals seeking Dutch citizenship. Marriage, which is one of the basic criteria for citizenship in almost every country, also applies to the Netherlands.

You must remember that there must be real marriage in order to make a healthy decision. The marriage of the individual will be kept under constant supervision. In particular, it is also the case for the Netherlands that the European countries have strict control over marriage and naturalization.

If your preferred person is Dutch, you have the chance to stay for a long time after obtaining a residence permit. Then you must prove that your marriage is real. You will need to be checked regularly for certain periods. You may be eligible for Dutch citizenship if your marriage lasts for at least 3 years.

Those who leave Dutch citizenship due to marriage may reclaim their former citizenship rights after their divorce. You can become a Dutch citizen one year after your divorce is finalized

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