How to get a visa?

A visa is required to be obtained from the competent authorities to enter or leave a country. A visa is a passport and an authorization to enter the country using it. Specifies that the document is counting valid and that there is no problem with input and output. It also means recognizing the authority that gives the passport, the state.

How To Get a Visa?

High school, university and graduate students, new graduates and university graduates who work in a job can easily obtain a student visa. In visa applications, students are required to document their financial status. If the student is able to cover the expenses of education and other expenses (he can prove this by showing the bank accounts of his / her family and his / her own if any) and if he / she can prove that his / her family members are working in a job, he / she will be deemed financially sufficient to study abroad. In addition, the student’s and / or his family’s real estate and vehicles, title and license photocopies are required to have a visa application. If a visa has been obtained from another country or the same country, this will be taken into consideration when giving a visa.

Those Who Can Obtain The Visa By Fulfilling Certain Conditions;

Those who are currently in high school or who are graduates of high school and who work in a job can obtain a visa by meeting certain criteria.

Those with this status may show their relatives as sponsors if their or their families’ income is not sufficient. Uncle, aunt, uncle, still close relatives can be sponsored as well as the workplace can sponsor. The visa application requires the submission of bank accounts, real estates, securities and documents indicating the business status of the sponsor. In addition, if you have already attended a language course, showing a certificate or document from the course will increase your chances of obtaining a visa.

Those Who Will Never Obtain Visa;

It is impossible for a person who is a graduate of primary or secondary school to obtain a visa unless they have a company or a holding or if they do not have a large number of investments. Unfortunately, those who are high school graduates who have not worked in a job or have not worked for a long time cannot obtain a visa if their financial and family status is not good.

  • Required Documents for Visa are as follows;
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • Recently graduated from the school in Turkey that the diploma / graduation certificate and transcript of the letter of acceptance from the educational institution you’re going photocopies (provided by Global Vision)
  • Documents showing that you will be able to make a living during your stay abroad
  • Your family and your bank wallet photocopies (stock, repo, term account, etc.) – At least 3 months before the budget for education may have been in your accounts.
  • The salaries of the members of your family or the documents related to the workplace if you are a business owner (Chamber of Commerce activity certificate, tax plate, signature circular, establishment newspaper), retired wallets if retired – All these documents are sufficient.
  • Copy of title deeds, car license and credit cards. (May be registered assets on mother, father and siblings)

If there is a company or a person to sponsor your education expenses, the letter explaining your situation and the bank account wallet of the sponsor, the chamber of commerce activity certificate, tax plate, signature circular and photocopies of the establishment newspaper

If you are still a student, your student certificate and the permit you will get from the school Military status certificate for male students If you are working; letter indicating that you are on leave from your workplace and that you can continue your work on your return, payroll of the last 3 months, insurance statement for the last months, employment declaration

A copy of the certificate you received if you went to a language course to learn English, a letter showing your attendance dates and level if you did not receive a certificate

For Canadian and Australian applications; Criminal record from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the sample of the registered family population

Letter of Intent describing the purpose for which you wish to study

For applications in Germany and Switzerland; There he met and by whom your charges on inside while you are describing a notarized undertaking / guarantor (surety) document – Mom and Dad’s ward of residence documents living in Turkey and was translated into German of these documents and copies made on notarization of

In Switzerland for a Swiss bank receipt showing that at least 18,000 CHF and Turkey’s commitment to return to stating

Important note: The Australian Consulate wants to see the originals of all documents for visa applications.

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