How Drones Work and What are the Types of Drones?

The word one drone kökenl is of English origin, it is likened to a drone based on the working principle. Today, one drone maktad is called unmanned aerial vehicles. There are two different types of drone. The first of these is the drone that works by connecting with Wi-Fi, and the second one is the drones managed by remote control. It is seen that it is mostly used in military field in ancient times. Nowadays it is used in competitions, health and sports sector. It is widely used in many different fields.

Drone Working Principles

What is Quadcopter?

Quadcopter is a helicopter with multiple propellers. VTOL (vertical take off and landing) is the unmanned aerial vehicle operating on the vertical plane with the principle of flying and descending. The hull part of the quadcopter resembles the + sign, and each point has a motor. Thanks to these motors, the propellers move and lift force is generated. In addition, these motors allow Quadcopters to move easily in other directions off their own axis and land comfortably. The propellers of the quadcopter are in the opposite direction. The two propellers facing each other move clockwise and the other two propellers move counterclockwise. The propellers rotate in different directions because the helicopter stabilizes and stabilizes the direction angles around its axis.

The different rotational speeds of the right-hand propellers and the left-hand propellers create a change in the stability of the helicopter. The fact that the rotational speed of the other two propellers is different causes a difference in the rotational speed that the helicopter will take when traveling sideways.

The power of the motors that rotate each propeller is determined by the ESC (Electronic Speed ​​Controller).

What are Drone Types?

1) Drones Used in Transportation

These drones are often used to transport military equipment and equipment. It is designed to be used for carrying purposes with its open-looking structurally claw-like feet on the foot. Efforts are underway for transportation for these drones.

2) Drones Designed for Attack

They generally carry dangerous and firearms. It is designed to lock up on the target, disintegrate, explode and explode the target. These drones are used for military purposes. They are extremely dangerous.

3) Tracking Drones

They work with infrared and normal cameras. It is used in the streets to ensure safety and is also used in forest areas to detect possible fires. They can also be used in natural disasters.

4) Photography, Video and Hobby Drones

Photographers and filmmakers now prefer these drones. In ancient times, planes were used to take a bird’s eye view from a distance. These drones are currently being used because they are cheap and cost-effective.

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