Bench Press How To

What is Bench Press?

Bench stands for the movement table in Turkish and press means compression and pushing. The dumbbell used to make this movement was named as it was pushed upwards. In the bench press movement, holding the barbell is called the flu. Influenza movement varies according to the grip. This exercise can be done with two dumbbells. Bench press machines are available to facilitate movement of the bench press. Strengthened arm muscles after bench press training make other push and power exercises easier to do. This exercise is necessary in sports where combat and strength is required.

Bench Press How To …

When doing bench press, first place the legs on both sides of the row used for exercise. The barbell is then taken over the part where the weights are located.

The position of the shoulder width ratio should be taken when holding the barbell. Weightlifting should not be held too tightly but should be fully grasped. After a deep breath, the barbell is lowered up to 4 centimeters below the collarbone. After this, the barbell is raised slowly and carefully until the arms are completely straight.

Full tension should be felt in the chest muscles during movement. This repeated movement activates the inner and outer parts of the chest muscles. Bench press helps shape the entire chest part.

Those who want to do bench press should be able to lift the barbell. For this, the back arm muscles should be sufficient. People who do not develop the muscles of the back arm fatigue very quickly during the bench press and cannot benefit from exercise. Bench press trainings; close grip bench press, decline barbel bench press and incline barbel bench press.

Dumbbell Bench Press How To …

Dumbbell Bench Press, while more movement distance can provide more muscle development and also the task of stabilizing the muscles to work better. It increases the Bench Press Variation normally done with Barbell. In this way, it can bring the vicious circle of positive effects.

For these reasons, our advice to you, Dumbbell Bench Press movement throughout the year will often become part of your training.

You have read tons of resources about Bench Press. At many points, the Bench Press has to be considered.

Decline Barbell Bench Press How To …

Decline the barbell bench press ┬╗tilt downwards by 20 to 40 degrees.

Attach your legs to the footrests to secure your body and prevent it from sliding down. Reach Bench.

When holding the bar, you should adjust the distance between the hands so that your forearms are

sec. This position is the most accurate grip position.

Push the bar upwards, exhale. When you reach the end point, wait for one second and breathe back to the starting position. Repeat the number of times to complete the set.

Incline Barbell Bench Press How To …

Lie back on the 45-60 degree incline to make the movement. Let your feet rest on the floor and your fingertips look across.

There are two methods for setting the distance between hands. The first is to use the lines above the bar. Depending on the person’s shoulder width, a few inches may be held inside or a few inches outside.

The second method is that the upper arms (elbow to hand) are perpendicular to the ground. Thanks to these two methods, you will have the proper form.

Once positioned correctly, breathe slowly down to the chest (at the level of the nipples).

Gently lowering allows the triceps muscles to work effectively.

Just one centimeter before the bar touches the chest, push the bar up with all your strength, exhale.

When you reach the peak without waiting, breathe the bar back down to your nipples.

Make the number of repetitions and complete your set. 4 sets of 10 will be suitable for this exercise.

Points to be considered

During the bench press exercises, the shoulders should be fully retracted while lifting the barbell. There are also some exercises to adapt to the action:

In the bench press movement, it is important that the feet are firmly on the ground, try not to lift your feet during movement.

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